The ABC Specials

TITLE: "The Second Honeymoon"
DATE: February 2, 1976

This episode celebrated the 25th anniversary of the show, therefore appropriately, so were the Kramdens. Ralph and Alice are going to celebrate their 25th anniversary with a second ceremony to be conducted by none other than the Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler himself at the Raccoon Lodge. Along the way Ralph jumps to the conclusion that Alice is pregnant -- she even confesses that another member of the family is on the way. In the end, Ralph learns that Alice is indeed expecting... her mother. So Ralph ends up spending the night of their anniversary sleeping in the kitchen because Alices mother is going to sleep in the bedroom with Alice.

TITLE: "The Honeymooners Christmas Special"
DATE: November 26, 1977

Ralph and Alice are planning to go to Miami on vacation and Ralph is bragging about it in the depot locker room. Along comes his boss and asks Ralph to direct a show (A Christmas Carol) for the benefit of his wife's charity -- finding homes for stray cats. Ralph volunteers himself for the positions of director, writer, and star. Alice being disappointed in the change in plans makes Ralph sleep in the kitchen on a broken cot. The play itself features Ralph, Alice, Trixie, and Ed. Ed plays the roll of both Scrooge and Tiny Tim, but he keeps getting the mannerisms and wigs mixed up. For the grand finale, the cornflakes that Alice and Trixie painted to look like snowflakes descend on the cast in one incredible thud. Ralph's boss is so impressed that he gives Ralph a reward for his efforts -- a pregnant cat. Also, at long last, Ralph is finally promoted to traffic manager.

TITLE: "The Honeymooners Valentine Special"
DATE: February 13, 1978

With another anniversary coming up, Ralph and Alice are planning to buy wonderful surprise presents for each other. Ralph is going to buy an all-electric kitchen, a color TV, and a stereo system on credit. Alice is going to buy Ralph a custom-tailored suit with the money she earns working behind Ralph's back for an answering service. When Ralph comes across a list of answering-service calls that Alice has hidden, he jumps to the conclusion that she's seeing another man and plotting to do away with Ralph because there are messages about druggists and cemeteries, and because there are an abundance of calls for one man, Armand -- who is a professional escort. To expose Alice's infidelity, Ralph and Ed dress up as women and invite Armand to the apartment. In the meantime, Alice is trying to measure Ralph for the suit without him knowing it. Ralph thinks she's trying to measure him for a coffin. When Armand arrives, he develops a crush on Ed. Then Alice arrives and explains everything. Ed is disappointed because now Armand doesn't want to take him to the movies. Ralph is disappointed too because his surprise kitchen overloads the circuits and explodes the first time he tries to demonstrate it.

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