Edward Lillywhite “Ed” Norton is played by Art Carney. He is a New York City municipal sewer worker and Ralph’s best friend (and upstairs neighbor). He is considerably more good-natured than Ralph, but nonetheless trades insults with him on a regular basis. Ed (typically called “Norton” by Ralph and sometimes by his own wife, Trixie)… Continue reading Norton


In 1994, the Dutch broadcasting network KRO produced a version of The Honeymooners titled Toen Was Geluk Heel Gewoon, using translated scripts of the original series but changing its setting to 1950s Rotterdam. After the original 39 scripts were exhausted, the series’ lead actors, Gerard Cox and Sjoerd Pleijsier, took over writing, adding many new… Continue reading KRO


Ralph Kamden was played by Jackie Gleason in Moonshiners. He was a bus driver for the fictional Gotham Bus Company based in New York City. He is never seen driving a bus (except in publicity photos), but sometimes is shown at the bus depot. Ralph is frustrated by his lack of success and often develops… Continue reading Ralph