Who's Who?
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Character Biographies

Ralph Kramden
Ralph is 42 years old and born in Brooklyn, New York. His sign is either Capricorn (Battle of the Sexes) or Taurus (Stars over Flatbush). He weighs 246 pounds and stands at 5 feet 11 inches with a 47 inch waist and size 18 neck. His highest level of education is 6th grade which he completed at P.S. 73. Currently, he wears badge #2368 and drives bus numbers 802 & 247 up and down Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue for the Gotham Bus Company, but has also worked as a helper on a meat truck, a sweeper in a bakery, and pushing a wheelbarrow with the WPA. His weekly schedule includes playing pool every Tuesday, bowling every Thursday, and going to the Raccoon Lodge on Fridays. Acts of heroism include capturing a wanted killer, and two bank robbers. He has been suspected of bookmaking, counterfeiting, fraud, attempting to brake into a mailbox, and breaking into an apartment through the window. He's also had his moments of stardom by appearing on TV four times: two commercials - Choosy Chew Candy & Handy Housewife Helper, and two game shows - "Beat the Clock" & "$99,000 Answer." He's also appeared in the newspaper twice - once when receiving the Safest Bus Driver Award (although he's been held up six times and broke his leg in a bus accident), and once when he claimed his throne in his household. He has held title to a house, a cottage, a hotel, and a hot dog stand, and has managed a heavyweight boxer. His life-long dream is to be rich and he has come up with countless schemes to help him achieve his goals. These include:

Pills that turn water into gasoline
Phony stock in oil and oil wells
A hot dog stand
Goat gland vitamins
Used tire sales
Furniture polish
Plastic shoehorns
Rug shampooing
Uranium field in Asbury Park
Glow in the dark shoe polish
Phony hair restorer
Managing a boxer
Buying a hotel in NJ
No-cal pizza
Phony gold stock
Digging for Capt. Kidd's treasure on Long Island
Campaign to make Secaucus, NJ a honeymooners' paradise
A handy housewife helper tool
A Mystery appetizer

Alice Kramden
Alice was born on February 8th. Her maiden name was Gibson. Like Ralph, she attended P.S. 73 where they met. As a child, she was a member of the Girl Scouts troop 35 Red-Wing Patrol. Her resume includes working as a riveter in a Navy yard, handing out shovels for the WPA, knitting baby clothes, working as an obstetrician, and a secretary. She plays bridge every Tuesday and is a member if the Raccoon Lodge Ladies Auxiliary.

Ed Norton
Ed was born on January 12th, however he states that he's a Pisces and a Saggitarius at different times. His middle name is Lillywhite which was his mother's maiden name. He weighs in at exactly 170 pounds. Along with Ralph and Alice, he also attended P.S. 73 but he never graduated. As he reached adulthood, he was drafted into the Navy where he got some training as a boxer and later trained for the Golden Gloves. He now works for the New York City Sewer Department. His talents include playing the piano, and he once kept a yo-yo going for 86 consecutive hours. His all-time favorite TV show is "Captain Video and his Video Rangers". Along with Ralph, Ed loves bowling and shooting pool, and he is a member of the Raccoon Lodge where he was once elected Raccoon of the Year.

Trixie Norton
Trixie was born on November 30th. Her real name is Thelma. Not much is known about her education, but she served in the U.S. Army. She also had a career in show business; she played in vaudeville, was the original girl in the famous "Floogle Street", and she was a burlesque dancer.