Who's Who?
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Chauncey Street

Mr. Johnson - The landlord

The Residents
Ralph and Alice Kramden
Ed and Trixie Norton
Mrs. Bennett
Mrs. Olsen
Mrs. Hannen
Mrs. Gallagher
Mrs. Schwartz
Mr. Riley
The Garritys (aka McGaritty)
Charlie Grogan
The Manicottis (Mr. Manicotti's name is Bill)
Carlos Sanchez
The Fogartys
The Bordens (Tommy, his mother, and twin siblings)
Millicent Brady
Mrs. Donovan
The Fallons
Eddie Hodges
Mrs. Monohan (superintendent)
Mr. Olsen (superintendent)
Mamie Murphy
Mrs. O'Leary
The Raffertys
Mr. Taylor
Mrs. Zimmerman

Neighborhood Businesses
Krauss' Deli/Meat Market
Freitag's Deli/Meat Market
DeVito's Deli
Fascination Bar & Grill
Halsey Theatre
Busy Bee Grocery
Durgom's Bar
Grogan's Bar
McCluskey's Bar
Kit Kat Club
Bartfeld's Candy Store
Hong Kong Gardens
Royal Chinese Gardens
German Beer Garden
Pool Room
Bowling Alley